The Lazy Way To Find A Title For Your Novel

Hi guys!

Are you working on a novel? Just beginning? Nearing the end? Finished and ready to start finalizing?

No matter what part of the journey you are on, thinking up a title for your book is something even the most talented writers struggle with from time to time. You want something that’s going to grab your target audience’s interest, something memorable, something cool. It’s a lot like finding a title for a blog post, actually, and I know how big of a pain in the asshole that can be.

Titles can be precarious things, but often I just think people overthink it too much. It’s not a bomb that needs diffused. It’s not a rocket scientist’s math equation. It’s a title. And it should encompass everything your lil novel is about. And seeing as you just wrote the whole thing, you are the person most qualified to think of that title. No one else in the world can think of a title for your word-baby.

It might take some sitting down and brainstorming, or it might have been a phrase or word that has been floating around in your head since your novels conception. Either way, it will come to you in time.

I could give you a list of “Do this’s” and “Do that’s”, but I’m not going to do that today. My advice is simple:

Don’t overthink it.


You got this.

Happy Writing,

6 thoughts on “The Lazy Way To Find A Title For Your Novel

    1. Titles are frustrating sometimes! This was actually more of a joke post. I am currently working on a real post about finding the perfect title, but I’ve been sick, so I wrote this one up in my cold-fever delirium and sent it off to the press. 😀

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      1. Oh no! I hope you’re feeling better, Kat. I was sick last weekend D: And I’m going to be working on a Map for one other wip novel today using your techniques, but only if I write 1K for that novel. I get no fun if I don’t buckle down lol


      2. Oh yeah, I know what you mean! The fun parts come when you’re well into your writing. Beginnings can be hard. Let me know how the map turns out! 🙂

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